Created by a former extremist who once subscribed to the teachings of Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri, Abdullah-X is an online animated web series that features the fictional titular character, challenging these violently radical teachings.

Against Violent Extremism

The Against Violent Extremism (AVE) Network is a unique and powerful new global force in the ongoing struggle to tackle violent extremism. Former violent extremists ('formers') and survivors of violent extremism are empowered to work together to push back extremist narratives and prevent the recruitment of 'at risk' youths.

Australian Government's Countering Violent Extremism Unit

A Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Unit in the Attorney-General’s Department coordinates a national approach to countering violent extremism. This approach will reduce the potential for a homegrown terrorist attack through: •building a more resilient Australia that is less vulnerable to the processes of radicalisation •assisting individuals to disengage from violent extremist influences.

Exit White Power

If you’re questioning white pride, white power, or white nationalist ideas – or you know somebody who is – this website is to help you to understand the strategies that white nationalists use to recruit gullible new members and to discourage more people from becoming involved.

Dar al-Ifta al Misriyyah

Dar al-Ifta al Misriyyah is considered among the pioneering foundations for fatwa in the Islamic world. It was established in 1895 by the high command of Khedive Abbas Hilmi, and affiliated to the ministry of Justice in 1895 by decree no. 10. The interactive website answers questions about contemporary issues and statements that aim to prevent attempts to misguide people and plant doubts in established matters of religion and to eliminate the reasons behind disunity and sedition in the Muslim societies. Examples include the occupation of Iraq, prevention of Hijab in France, slandering the companions of the prophet, the vicious bombings that terrorizes people and so forth.