People against Violent Extremism Inc (‘PaVE’) is an independent, non-governmental organisation committed to addressing violent extremism in Australia and the region. We focus on all forms of violent extremism, regardless of religious, ideological, political and/or social affiliation.

Violent extremism (‘VE’) can be defined as “the use or support of violence as a strategy for achieving bias ideological, social, religious, or political goals.” VE may take the form of terrorism, politically motivated violence and even some forms of community violence. It’s a term that covers a range of acts whose common element is the use of violence to further an ideology or particular view of the world.

PaVE’s dynamic, community-based approach to tackling VE means that there are many ways for you to get involved in our work. Walk with PaVE and help us spread the message that ‘violence is never the answer’. Your support is vital to the success of our work so get involved today.